Creepy Christmas Stories to Spread Holiday Cheer

There is a lot about Christmas that is straight-up creepy. Some weird enchanted old man slides down your chimney in the middle of the night and leaves kids presents that he made himself?! That he puts in socks hung up by the fireplace?! Enslaved reindeer are forced to work insane hours flying across the entire […]


5 Books: Lizzie Borden Edition

Maplecroft I am so biased when it comes to this book. I mean, not only is Lizzie Borden a Lovecraftian badass in this book, but it is also written by the amazing Cherie Priest. Honestly, only Priest could even write this book. Essentially (no spoilers!), Lizzie and her sister HAD to murder their parents because... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Historical Nonfiction Books

Out today is David W. Blight's new biography on Frederick Douglass. If you have seen me around, you know how obsessed I am with Douglass. Sometimes I joke that he is my historical boyfriend (and yes, I completely understand how problematic that statement is). My love for Douglass is strong, and has been a presence... Continue Reading →

5 Books to Read in Public

I admit that I never pay attention to what I read when in a public space. And I find amusement in the reaction of others when the books I choose to read in public lack subtlety. Several years ago, an internet genius created fake book covers and filmed the reaction of others as he read... Continue Reading →

5 Books that Rock

Grady Hendrix, author of Paperbacks from Hell and Horrorstör, has a new fiction book coming out on September 18th. And it is so, so, so good. The book is called We Sold Our Souls, and it is definitely horror - with a clever Faustian twist and some social commentary that won't go unnoticed. To go... Continue Reading →

5 Books: Hugo Novella Winners

On August 19th, N.K. Jemisin made history when she became the first author to win awards back-to-back for each book in her Broken Earth trilogy. The awards are called the Hugo awards - the most prestigious writing awards in the science fiction and fantasy world. The awards are named after Hugo Gernsback, the famous editor... Continue Reading →

5 Books: Appalachian Noir

Recently, I read an old article by David Joy that was published in The Bitter Southerner. Its a powerful piece of writing - describing the empathy and connection that Joy has with the people living in the area of North America called Appalachia. It was writing that moved me to tears. Appalachia refers to the... Continue Reading →

5 Literary Side-Kicks

Some of the greatest characters in literature are not the focus of the plot - yet they stay with us long after the book has ended. We remember them. Often, I find myself remembering minor characters from books as being a major part of the story - only to reread and realize they were barely... Continue Reading →

5 Fiction Books that Build Empathy

Five years ago, Scientific American shared research on a study that showed the positive impact that reading had on building empathy in school-age children. As an adult, I have found this to be true - both in children and in adults. Currently, turning on the news or logging in to social media can wreck havoc... Continue Reading →

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