Reading Challenge Update

I have a confession to make. I warned you.

I am no good at reading challenges. I want to be good at them. I love competing and I love reading. A reading challenge should be a no-brainer.

I did warn you. When I started my Big Book Challenge, I admitted that I always start strong and then burn out. The truth: that is exactly what happened this time, too.

To be fair to myself, a Big Book Challenge is time-consuming and not always engaging. Why be stuck in a 900-page brick of crap characters and non-existent plot, when you can wander over to your neglected pile of shorter (and more fascinating, better-written) books that you want to read? The answer to the question, at least for me, is that you wander over to the “good books” pile.

At first, I was diligent. I read two or three huuuuuuuuuge books over the span of several weeks. I was motivated. Then, I promised myself I would take a brief break and read a shorter non-fiction book. Technically, not cheating on my challenge – I had challenged myself to only read FICTION in big-book format.

Soon, I was devouring shorter fiction books as well. They were just so engaging and well-written and they had plots that came to a conclusion in a reasonable time-frame.

So. I failed my book challenge. But, like any reader that is competitive and addicted to reading, I came up with a new challenge: The imprint. To infinity…and beyond!

I’ll keep you posted on my inevitable failure. I’ll be rooting for me.


One thought on “Reading Challenge Update

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  1. Oh, doll! 😂 It was a mighty undertaking to begin with – in more ways than one – so have no shame about capitulating and doing something else. ❤️👏🏼

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