Cherry Poppin’: Nico Walker’s Gritty Pseudonymous Novel

I checked out a copy of Cherry by Nico Walker from the local library. Twice. I stared at it on my nightstand. For a total of two months. I opened it once, reading several pages, then closing it again and leaving it on my nightstand. I ended up owing the library $2.00 in overdue fines.... Continue Reading →


It’s Time to Talk about Dungeons and Dragons

In my nerd world, it is always time to talk about Dungeons and Dragons. There is never a wrong time to bring up halflings, bards, demigorgons, and critical rolls. Never. This isn't true of everyone. And about a decade ago, these conversations where done in secret nerd basements, not on website blogs or coffee shops.... Continue Reading →

Creepy Christmas Stories to Spread Holiday Cheer

There is a lot about Christmas that is straight-up creepy. Some weird enchanted old man slides down your chimney in the middle of the night and leaves kids presents that he made himself?! That he puts in socks hung up by the fireplace?! Enslaved reindeer are forced to work insane hours flying across the entire […]

5 Books: Lizzie Borden Edition

Maplecroft I am so biased when it comes to this book. I mean, not only is Lizzie Borden a Lovecraftian badass in this book, but it is also written by the amazing Cherie Priest. Honestly, only Priest could even write this book. Essentially (no spoilers!), Lizzie and her sister HAD to murder their parents because... Continue Reading →

Reading Challenge Update

I have a confession to make. I warned you. I am no good at reading challenges. I want to be good at them. I love competing and I love reading. A reading challenge should be a no-brainer. I did warn you. When I started my Big Book Challenge, I admitted that I always start strong... Continue Reading →

Nicolas Cage: A Love Story

My friends on social media tag me in a lot of Nicolas Cage memes. It is not by accident. My friends completely and totally understand my raging obsession with Nicolas Cage, and never hesitate to indulge me. The hoodies covered in juxtaposed photographs of Cage's face are a favorite. Honestly, why I don't own one... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Historical Nonfiction Books

Out today is David W. Blight's new biography on Frederick Douglass. If you have seen me around, you know how obsessed I am with Douglass. Sometimes I joke that he is my historical boyfriend (and yes, I completely understand how problematic that statement is). My love for Douglass is strong, and has been a presence... Continue Reading →

5 Books to Read in Public

I admit that I never pay attention to what I read when in a public space. And I find amusement in the reaction of others when the books I choose to read in public lack subtlety. Several years ago, an internet genius created fake book covers and filmed the reaction of others as he read... Continue Reading →

5 Books that Rock

Grady Hendrix, author of Paperbacks from Hell and Horrorstör, has a new fiction book coming out on September 18th. And it is so, so, so good. The book is called We Sold Our Souls, and it is definitely horror - with a clever Faustian twist and some social commentary that won't go unnoticed. To go... Continue Reading →

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